Available infrastructure

The BruBotics research teams have state-of-the-art infrastructure at their disposal to perform research. Some of this infrastructure can be made available upon request:



BruBotics Rehabilitation Research Center

In the following months, the Rehabilitation Research group (RERE) will build a new movement analysis lab: the Brubotics Rehabilitation Research Center!

This lab is the result of a longstanding collaboration with different partners of the Brubotics group and will be located centrally between the university hospital UZ Brussel and the VUB Health Campus. In addition, the Rehabilitation Research group will also move to this new location!

The recently obtained FWO Medium-scale research infrastructure funding will permit us to start with state-of-the-art equipment (including 12 Vicon mocap cameras, 3 build-in AMTI force plates, a 16-channel Cometa EMG device and a MetaMax 3B gas analysis system) and an EKSO-GT smart gait rehabilitation exoskeleton.

The new BruBotics Rehabilitation Research Center will enable us to further deepen our expertise in the rehabilitation technology field since our main focus will be positioned on the intersection of movement analysis and technology. For example, the BRRC will be used to test commercial rehabilitation robots, but also rehabilitation robots that are designed by our Brubotics colleagues from the engineering department (e.g.

We are looking forward to use the lab for our research and start new innovative research projects! 

We will keep you updated via our dedicated BruBotics Rehabilitation Research Center webpage.

Stay tuned!

Flanders Make Human Augmentation Lab - AugmentX

AugmentX is a Flanders Make infrastructure project targeting companies looking for physical augmentation solutions. With physical augmentation solutions, we mean devices that enhance or augment the physical capabilities of a worker, such as smart hoists, ergonomic tables, chairs and tools, cobots, exoskeletons and other peripherals. 

Ideally the effect of physical augmentation device should be accurately measured directly in the production line at the company site. However, this is not always easy. For instance, in order to obtain accurate results on forces and torques exerted on the ligaments of a worker, by the load or an augmentation device, the kinematic and dynamic data has to be mimicked and assessed with high accuracy. The required accuracy and controllability of a well-equipped research lab environment is compulsory. To demonstrate and validate the longer-term effects of an augmentation device a more realistic production environment is needed and for some tests, actual onsite measurements although less accurate is the best way forward. 

AugmentX aims to create a unique synergy between, on the one hand the AugmentX-Research Lab to objectively assess human augmentation technologies in a controlled environment with high precision measurements and on the other hand the AugmentX-Validation&Demonstration Lab where the human augmentation technologies can be safely but less accurately assessed and improved in a more realistic manufacturing environment. A large part of this measurement equipment is also mobile for in situ measurements at companies.

The BruBotics AugmentX lab will include VICON motion capture system, force plates, EMG and other physiological measurement systems, IMUs and a range of the latest human augmentation technologies such as exoskeletons, cobots, smart hoists and others. It is expected to launch in 2022.

Brussels Laboratory for Exercise and Sports (BLITS)

The BruBotics' Human Physiology (MFYS) team has brand new testing and monitoring infrastructure including:

  • Climate and altitude chambers

Availability of treadmill, electromagnetically driven static bicycles, ergospirometric devices, ECG

  • Cognitive rooms

EXG, cognitive tasks, dark and sound insulated room


This infrastructure can be used for sportsmedical consultations, maximal cycle/running tests and training guidelines using respiratory, cardiac responses and peripheral lactate metabolism. The team also provides support to professional cyclists.

Fablab Brussels

The research group INDI is the proud host of the Fablab Brussels, at the U-Square site near the VUB Etterbeek campus.

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