Available infrastructure

The BruBotics research teams have state-of-the-art infrastructure at their disposal to perform research. Some of this infrastructure can be made available upon request:



Brussels Laboratory for Exercise and Sports (BLITS)

The BruBotics' Human Physiology (MFYS) team has brand new testing and monitoring infrastructure including:

  • Climate and altitude chambers

Availability of treadmill, electromagnetically driven static bicycles, ergospirometric devices, ECG

  • Cognitive rooms

EXG, cognitive tasks, dark and sound insulated room


This infrastructure can be used for sportsmedical consultations, maximal cycle/running tests and training guidelines using respiratory, cardiac responses and peripheral lactate metabolism. The team also provides support to professional cyclists.

Fablab Brussels

The research group INDI is the proud host of the Fablab Brussels, at the U-Square site near the VUB Etterbeek campus.

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