A team of over 80 researchers is eager to use their expertise on robotics, A.I. and other related subjects to help tackle the problems you face.

Strong portfolio of expertise

We gladly offer an overview of a selection of our expertise. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help each other.

Robots & Multibody Mechanics (R&MM)
  • (Autonomous) Social Robots
  • Collaborative robots (cobots)
  • Safe, energy efficient and self-healing compliant actuation
  • Exoskeletons for use in rehabilitation, manufacturing, logistics or care
  • Bionic prosthetics
Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication (SMIT)
  • Human Robot interaction and collaboration
  • Participatory design, Co-creation, User experience studies
  • Acceptance studies and guidance
  • Business and Policy analysis
Visionary Electronics & ICT (ETRO)
  • Novel sensors & imagers
  • Multi-dimensional signal processing, transmission, analysis, representation & visualization
  • Affective computing
  • eHealth
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Serious games
Belgian Ageing Studies (BAS)
  • Studies on the needs of older people
  • Evidence based policy making for and by older people
  • Social and care innovation
  • Acceptance studies
Industrial Engineers (INDI)
  • Mechatronics
  • Robot design and building for non-traditional robot environments
Human Physiology (MFYS)
  • Workload studies
    • Mental and physical fatigue and energy expenditure studies
  • Brain measurements during human movement
  • Monitoring brain responses during cognitive tests
  • Robotic gait rehabilitation devices and human central nervous system
Artificial Intelligence lab - Computer Modeling (CoMo)
  • Learning for single and multi-agent systems (focus on Reinforcement Learning and Game Theory)
  • Machine Learning for data mining applications (incl. (deep) neural networks, genetic algorithms, graphical models, support vector machines…)
Neurological Rehabilitation (RERE)
  • Clinical evaluation on the effect of robot systems for neurological patients
  • Psychological aspects of acceptation of robotsystems and compliance
  • Measurement of energy use for robot-assisted walking
  • Use of Social Robots to improve physical activity of patients

Healthcare & Manufacturing

Of particular importance is our expertise in healthcare and manufacturing, as proven by some of our featured projects.


With research topics ranging from social robots helping children with autism, children in hospitals or even older people to rehabilitation & assistive robotics (bionic prostheses, assistive exoskeletons), it is clear that robots can have a hugely positive impact on healthcare. With a clear vision to try and improve our quality of life through human robotics, it can be no wonder that Health is one of our prime research focusses.


Factories of the Future will feature a close collaboration between (collaborative) robots and humans, helping companies face the intense global competition and allowing them to overcome some of the demographic changes such as an ageing population. Combined, the BruBotics partners have the expertise needed to succesfully integrate human robotics in manufacturing processes. Ranging from exoskeletons to assist weight lifting to cobots, from sensors to machine learning, and from user acceptance to co-creation studies; our wide span of knowledge and developments bring industry 4.0 closer to reality.

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