Robots...powerful potential

Grasping Opportunities

An ageing workforce, an ever increasing demand for higher productivity, a relentless war for talents, a need for better but also more efficient care,...our industry and society is faced with an ever increasing pressure to innovate and find ways to allow people to reach their full potential.

We believe robotics can be part of the solution, and BruBotics has the tools and expertise to guide you.

  • From measuring mental and physical fatigue or energy expenditure to see where robots might alleviate workloads,
  • to co-creation and acceptance studies to design and implement an effective solution where robots are seen as friends and not as enemies.
  • From improving state of the art robotic systems, to developing the next generation of exoskeletons, Artificial Intelligence or social robots.
  • From understanding the needs of our ageing population and older people, to the use of robotics for neurological revalidation.

At BruBotics we aim for a stronger collaboration with partners outside the academic world. We want our research to benefit society. As such, we are always looking for "real-world" challenges where revolutionary technologies such as robotics and A.I. could prove valuable.

We can help you to turn the challenges into opportunities.

How can we help you? How can robotics help you?

Human Robotic technology has the potential to make an enormous impact on our society and industry. As is always the case with newly emerging and disruptive technologies, both enormous opportunities as big question marks remain open. Only an interdisciplinary approach can generate innovative solutions.

BruBotics strives for a closer collaboration with the non-academic world, to make sure that the know-how and technologies developed at the Vrije Unversiteit Brussel on this exciting topic are put to good use. In order to do so, a wide range of collaboration possibilities exist:

  • Dedicated research on your challenges

  • Joint Research & Development

  • Steering our research through user group participation

  • Application driven research

  • Technology licensing

  • Strategic and fundamental research

  • Services and trainings

It is also worth noting that BruBotics also has a clear goal to increase the number of spin-offs to market high potential technologies and make sure they are indeed put to good use.

We invite you to contact us, to discuss how we can help tackle your challenges. Together we can discuss the appropriate paths to take action and find the right financial support through national or international bodies such as the Flemish FWO or VLAIO, the Brussels INNOVIRIS programmes, the European Commission, …

Are you as a company interested to learn more about robotics and the answers human robotics can provide, without having a specific project in mind? We are always looking for companies to help guide our research in a direction that can lead to solid valorization towards society.

Project name

SHERO: Self-Healing Soft Robotics

Horizon 2020 FET Open: Developing fully-autonomous self-healing soft robotic devices

Project name

Exskallerate: Boosting SME adoption of exoskeletons

INTERREG EXSKALLERATE: Boosting SME adoption of exoskeletons in construction and manufacturing industries

Project name

A back support exoskeleton

The EU H2020 Spexor project: Preventing low-back pain with a novel and effective spinal exoskeleton

Project name

SPEAR: Series-Parallel Actuators for Robotics

The ERC Starting Grant of prof. Bram Vanderborght

Project name

Operator Info

Flanders Make project Operator Info: turn operators in knowledge workers

Project name

Dream: the next generation robot-enhanced therapy

The EU FP7 Dream project aims to deliver the next generation of Robot-Enhanced Therapy (RET) for children with autism.

Project name

ClaXon: cobots in the industry

iMinds ICON Project ClaXon: Towards a Smoother Human-Robot Collaboration in the Manufacturing Industry

Project name

WONDER: robots for care

iMinds ICON project WONDER: Interactive, Automated Support for Personalized Care Services using humanoid robots

Project name

Self-Healing Actuators

Self-Healing Actuators Make Breaking Your Robot No Big Deal

Project name

AltaCro: Rehabilitation exoskeleton

ALTACRO rehabiliation exoskeleton: Automated Locomotion Training using an Actuated Compliant Robotic Orthosis

Project name

H2R: Human-like locomotion

The EU FP7 project H2R aims to demonstrate human-like gait and posture in a controlled compliant biped robot

Project name

SCANERGY: Smart Grid

EU FP7 project SCANERGY: A Smart Grid using A.I.

Project name

Cyberlegs: lower-limb prosthesis

EU FP7 project Cyberlegs: Cybernetic Lower-Limb cognitive Ortho-Prosthesis. Image: (c) Massimo Brega

Project name

MIRAD: a lower limb assistive exoskeleton

IWT SBO MIRAD: an integrated Methodology to bring Intelligent Robotic Assistive Devices to the user, with a lower-limb exoskeleton as demonstrator.

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