Industrial Engineers (INDI)

At a glance:
  • Faculty: Engineering
  • 3 researchers
  • Main areas of expertise:
    • Intelligent robots in non-traditional robot environments
    • Mechatronics
    • Robot building

Formerly a part of the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, INDI is the most recent addition to the VUB research families. As industrial engineers, the main focus is on finding pragmatic solutions. The mechatronics research focuses on intelligent robots in non-traditional robot environments. On example of a focus area is smart automatisation in construction, in order to reduce the labor for workers, speed up the work and to improve the quality. A lot of the jobs in construction are physical and psychological unhealthy because of dust, vibrations, heavy loads or very repetitive work in unpleasant conditions. Unlike in factories where industrial robots perform these kinds of tasks already, in construction more intelligence and adaptation to each specific situation is needed. Also here the robots will work together with the humans, so safety is a major issue.

Prototypes, not powerpoints

The TEDxGhent talk by prof. Lieven Standaert is a great introduction to the philosophy of the research group.

Fablab Brussels

The research group is the proud host of the Fablab Brussels, on the U-Square site. The Fablab is a playground for everyone wanting to experiment, learn, create and build working prototypes. A wide range of machines such as 3D Printers, laser cutters, plasma cutters and CNC milling machines are available to be used by students and researchers. Every Wednesday afternoon, the Fablab is open for everyone.

In het kort:

De Industrieel Ingenieurs ontwikkelen pragmatische oplossingen en trachten robots in te zetten in niet-traditionele robot omgevingen zoals de bouw of landbouw.

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