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Exoskeleton time!

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Exoskeletons are the ultimate expression of Human-Robot Collaboration. After focussing mainly on medical applications, these devices are now also being used on the factory floors. Here, they are the perfect solution merging human dexterity, agility and creativity with the robot's strength and endurance. 

Given the large need for such devices, the VUB BruBotics research teams together with the KU Leuven have started two research projects on the subject, both under the Exo4Work banner.

Both were featured on the frontpage of the newspaper "De Morgen". (Read the article here)

  • The FWO SBO Exo4Work (Proposal submitted) will develop the next generation of active assistive industrial exoskeletons.
  • A joint collaborative VLAIO O&O project (in preparation) will test existing solutions. Physiologists will examine the effectiveness on the factory floor of some of the exoskeletons available on the market and our sociologists will take a look at their acceptance by the workers. Several companies already expressed their interest.

Also, the EU H2020 project Spexor will develop an exoskeleton to specifically tackle lower back pain.


Are you as a company interested in joining one of the Exo4Work projects?
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