The second annual ASTM international Exo Games will be held from 5 to 9 August 2024 in Philadelphia, USA! The Exo Games are a competition where student teams from universities around the globe design, build and test an exoskeleton in tasks representing various industrial applications. The goal is to validate the test methods and design guidelines described in the ASTM exoskeleton standards (F48), as well as bringing students together to share ideas and accelerate the development of exoskeletons.

This year's edition is centered around first responders and the tasks are defined accordingly: a bomb squad walk, deploying a fire hose, performing CPR, crawling through tight spaces and several others. The official website detailing the rules and so on can be found here. The competition will be hosted by ASTM in West Conshohocken, Pensylvania, USA from 5 to 9 August.

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