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Operator Info

Bi-Directional context sensitive information sharing for operators

The goal of this project is to develop the necessary tools , guidelines and methodologies to implement new information interfaces to improve the information flow towards the operators during the assembly process.The project will focus on how, when and which information is presented to and requested from the operator to make bi-directional information sharing possible in the context of long-cycle work and increasing product variations.The information provided to theoperator will be dependent on the context (e.g.momentary situation, personal preferences,experience and skills, needs, etc.).

Operator Info will allow to cope with:

  • Tendency for higher customized products within limited volumes
  • Fast adaptation of new products with a shorter lifetime
  • Ageing workforce
  • Increasing pressure on efficiency, reduction of non-quality-cost and first time right

The right information at the right time

The main contribution of the BruBotics AI team is to provide the right information at the right time. To do so, ideas of collaborative filtering will be applied. This allows to find out similarities in expertise level between operators as well as staff without the need to predefine background knowledge.

Advantages of OperatorInfo

  1. Support manual activities with modern technologies
  2. Provide the right context-sensitive information at the right time
  3. Reduce human errors
  4. Increase and/or optimize performance
  5. Contribute to a more pleasant working environment.


  • Flanders Make
  • UGent
  • Bombardier
  • CNHi
  • Augnition
  • Picanol
  • Movilitas
  • One Two
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