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AI Lifelong Learning programme

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With technology moving ever faster and AI impacting a wide range of jobs, the need for lifelong learning has become undeniable.  Though much introductory learning material is available online (MOOCs, blog articles, seminars, boot camps), there is a severe lack of in-depth training. The abundance of – often questionable – sources makes it hard to find high-quality, trustworthy content.

Welcome our AI Lifelong Learning Programme!

Our programme targets both non-technical audiences like policymakers, journalists, CEOs and investors as technical (data scientists, architects, developers). We provide a wide range of training opportunities:

– seminars for non-specialists and decision-makers;
– workshops for team leaders and architects;
– in-depth training for developers and data scientists;
– consulting calls.

It complements our existing 1-year postgraduate  programme (joint with Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel), as well as our bachelor and master degree. The sessions are organised online, offline or in a blended setting. For those who want, the trainings can be held in our AI Experience Centre, a dedicated space at the VUB with more than >20 AI demonstrators.

The AI Lifelong Learning program will be further developed with other experts within the VUB and will feed into the recently launched Vlaamse AI Academie, the Flemish initiative to create a cross-university offer in AI permanent education.

We continuously innovate our offer, which leads to exciting new education formulas:

– a research-in-residence programme for AI engineers and data scientists, working side-to-side with a researcher;
– an educational game to learn about AI in a safe setting – coming soon (with The Liquid House);
– a team-building activity where a team has to build a smart Mario Bros Reinforcement agent, and design levels to challenge the agent.
As a university research lab, we see it as our mission:

– to share impartial knowledge;
– instigate a critical attitude while keeping your mind open;
– give you a 360° in-depth understanding of AI;
– inspire you how you can apply it in your work context;
– assess its impact on your institution or society. 

If you are interested, please contact our training coordinator, Anne Snel, by phone (+32 0468 15 91 33) or by email, or visit our web page.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is the first-established research lab for AI in Continental Europe. Founded in 1983 by Prof. Dr Luc Steels, it is internationally recognised for its research expertise in reinforcement learning, language and computational creativity. Its dynamic research team has made significant contributions to business, combining fundamental and applied research to the enterprise. The laboratory counts five spin-offs, the most recent one being Axiles Bionics, designing smart bionic feet, and has alumni in MIT, Sony, Prowler and DeepMind. 

You can find us on twitter as @aibrussels.

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