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Homo Roboticus

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Should we fear robots?
If it has AI, does a robot have a creative mind?
Will robots take over our jobs?
Will we soon be shopping with robots?
Should robots pay taxes?

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is very pleased to invite you to the event “HOMO ROBOTICUS - Creating synergies between man, technology, science & art”, at the Opera House La Monnaie in Brussels on Thursday, 7 February 2019.

30 thought-provoking questions were discussed by over 50 VUB academics in the book Homo Roboticus. Researchers from a variety of disciplines started off from the main question: how will humans and human values of equality, freedom and solidarity keep a central position in a robotized world. And at the end of the publication an inclusive robot agenda is proposed. The book is published in Dutch, and will soon be available in English (March 2019).

On 7 February we bring Homo Roboticus to life in the Opera House La Monnaie and give the floor to academics, artists and policy makers to share their views on the topic. We look forward to welcoming you as of 16h00 for an inspiring evening with dance performances, captivating presentations, artistic interventions, human-robot demonstrations and the Opera Fausto. Please note that the evening will be held in English.

More information and tickets:

Best wishes and happy holidays,
Homo Roboticus Team - An Jacobs, Michel Maus, Romain Meeusen, Lynn Tytgat and Bram Vanderborght

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