Improving quality of life through Human-Centered Robotics

The Brussels Human Robotics Research Center, BruBotics, is a joint initiative of 8 research groups of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) sharing a common vision: improve our quality of life through Human Robotics. Together we strive to take the next step in Human Robotics by breaking boundaries. By combining expertise in engineering, life, computer and social sciences on the topic of Human Centered Robotics, BruBotics enables cross-boundary and cross-industry innovation opening endless possibilities

Welcome to an exciting new world...

A coming together of disciplines

Offering solution driven research for your needs

With over 100 researchers coming from almost all fields of science, BruBotics offers a unique multidisciplinary approach much needed in such a complex and challenging domain. Working in close collaboration with large-scale companies, research institutes from around the globe, SME's and nonprofit organizations, BruBotics delivers strong solutions where research and valorization go hand in hand.

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