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Unfortunately, listing 120 researchers on this page would be a bit too much. Below are the members of the BruBotics steering group, which is responsible for setting out the strategy and goals. Looking for a particular person or expertise? Contact us, and we'll be glad to refer you to the right persons.

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are some of the most exciting research fields of the near future. As a result, our growing research groups are always on the lookout for fresh talents.

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The BruBotics team consists of over 120 researchers. We won't list them all here, but we do list the members of the BruBotics steering group below, who are responsible for setting the vision & strategy of BruBotics.

Meet the team

Team text

Prof. Dr. Dirk Lefeber
Prof. Dr. Dirk Lefeber President

Prof. Dr. Bram Vanderborght
Prof. Dr. Bram Vanderborght R&MM - Promotor

Prof. Dr. An Jacobs
Prof. Dr. An Jacobs SMIT - Vice-President

Prof. Dr. Kevin De Pauw
Prof. Dr. Kevin De Pauw MFYS - Vice-President

ir. Simon Beckers
ir. Simon Beckers Business Developer

Prof. Dr. Dominique Verté
Prof. Dr. Dominique Verté BAS

Prof. Dr. Romain Meeusen
Prof. Dr. Romain Meeusen MFYS

Prof. Dr. Bart Jansen
Prof. Dr. Bart Jansen ETRO

Prof. Dr. Ann Nowé
Prof. Dr. Ann Nowé AI Lab

Prof. Dr. Johan Loeckx
Prof. Dr. Johan Loeckx AI Lab

Prof. Dr. David Beckwee
Prof. Dr. David Beckwee RERE

Prof. Dr. Liesbeth De Donder
Prof. Dr. Liesbeth De Donder BAS

Prof. Dr. Eva Swinnen
Prof. Dr. Eva Swinnen RERE

Shirley Elprama
Shirley Elprama SMIT

Prof.dr. Malaika Brengman
Prof.dr. Malaika Brengman MARK

Prof.dr. Kim Willems
Prof.dr. Kim Willems MARK

Prof. Dr. Tom Verstraten
Prof. Dr. Tom Verstraten R&MM

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