Strong partnerships make all the difference

Through its research groups, BruBotics can leverage an important network. To name but a few examples:

  • R&MM is a core lab of Flanders Make, with AI Lab, SMIT, MFYS and ETRO also active in Flanders Make Projects. 
  • SMIT and ETRO are part of imec, enabling participation in imec.icon projects.
  • The AI Lab and R&MM are active in their European cluster organizations, CLAIRE and euRobotics  respectively.

BruBotics research groups have had collaborations with over 70 unique Flemish companies research projects over the past 5 years alone. In European projects, collaborations are ongoing with some of the world leaders in their domains such as Otto Bock and Ossür.

Finally, BruBotics is the proud mother of the spin-offs Axiles Bionics and iCense


Flanders Make
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