Two teams, one dream

Representing Belgium and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), #TeamBruBotics will participate to the powered prosthesis race with 2 different prostheses developed at the university.


The Race

Our 2 teams will need to compete against some of the industries world leading companies. During the race, the teamps will need to overcome an obstacle course, with obstacles straight from our daily lives:

  • Sitting and standing from a sofa
  • Going over or under hurdles
  • Opening a door
  • Walking on a steep slope and tilted paths
  • Walking over stones on a cross country path
  • Taking stairs

Team Cyberlegs

Meet Louis, Michel and Joost: our CYBERLEGs team!

Learn to know what drives them and why they participate with #TeamBruBotics in the video's below!






Team AMP-Foot

Meet Kevin, Maher and Pierre: our AMP-Foot team!


We'll introduce them to you this week.


Join #TeamBruBotics to follow our progress!

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